Rafting in Nepal

Nepal has earned a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world for white water rafting. Nepal’s thundering rivers coming from the high Himalayas churned with extra ferocity to provide some of the fastest and most challenging trip for rafting in the world. The ever changing landscapes through which they pass reveal an amazing diversity of flora and fauna. Our river guides expertly glide the boat along the rivers whilst enjoying all the wild and wacky rapids.

Rivers in Nepal are graded on a scale of I-V according to their size, the intensity of their rapids and difficulties.

Name of the River Duration Rivers Grade Distance on river From Kathmandu
Trishuli 1/2  days 2 to 3+ 38 km. 3 hrs drive
Kali Gandaki 3 days 3 to 4+ 55 km. 200+105 km
Bhote Koshi 2 days 3 to 5 20km. 95 km
Marshyangdi 5 days 3 to 5 47 km. 8 hrs
Karnali 10 days 3 to 5 180 km. 19 hrs drive
Sun Koshi 10 days 3 to 4+ 270 km. 3 hrs drive
Arun 12 days 3 to 4+ 70 km. 18 hrs drive
Tamur 11 days 4 to 5 120 km. 19 hrs drive

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